Aqua Star Rain Gutter

Specialities of Aquastar Corrugated Profile

  • Corrugated Square Design for better strength
  • The fitting materials used to join the profiles have special sockets so that they can be fitted easily, and moreover less likely to cause leakage.
  • The finishing coat ensures no chance for moss or fungus to set in.
  • As high quality uPVC material used, the system will not tend to bend or break.
  • Due to the UV Stabiliser the color will not fade away.
  • Robust uPVC clips are provided along with.

Aquastar Corrugated Gutter is designed and built after carefully analysing and overcoming any or all of the irregularities found in similar products available in the market.

  • uPVC Square Design
  • 90o angle and corrugation strengthens installation
  • Bigger in size is available 160mm and 220mm
  • Strong Beeding on both the side
  • 110 mm outlet size
  • Non Corrosive uPVC clamps
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for Rainwater Harvesting
  • No leakage as the channels and locks used ar tailor made for this system
  • Easy to handle, low cost and no rusting
  • Made in India
  • Any colour can be painted to match the walls of the house

Rain Gutter

Elbow Plain

Elbow Drop

Stop End (Vr)

Stop End Drop (Vr)

Centre Runner

Centre Runner Drop

Inner Elbow Plain

Inner Elbow Drop (Vr)

PVC Bracket with Steel Extension

Leaf Guard