Deck sheet

Deck Sheet is used as composite floor system. The steel deck profile sheet has a ribbed profile with embossment to interlock with concrete slabs, creating a reinforced concrete slab that serves dual purpose of permanent form and positive reinforcement.

  • An efficient and economical alternative for multi storey buildings.
  • Steel deck reduces the concrete thickness and also the reinforcement which in turn increase floor to floor clear height.
  • Steel Deck is stronger than the conventional shuttering.
  • It is faster to install than conventional shuttering, congestion free area during construction gives free space for parallel activities, and this saves considerable project time.
  • Steel Deck reduces project cost since it economizes concrete and steel consumption.
  • Deck profile sheet is offered in Zinc coated and pre coated steel, zinc ranging from 120 to 275 gsm which gives better resistance against corrosion.
  • Steel Deck eliminates shuttering and de shuttering planks, and other props and provides clear space for working underside the rcc floor.
  • Steel Deck is widely used in multi-storey buildings. Storage facilities, industrial sheds, shopping malls, ware houses.
  • Simultaneous casting of multiple floors possible.

Technical Specifications

Supply Width Covered Width Pitch Crest Height Crest Width
960 mm (∓ 10 mm) 932 mm (∓ 5 mm) 230 mm (∓ 2 mm) 51 mm (∓ 2 mm) 89 mm (∓ 2 mm)