Everest Hi - Tech Roofing Sheets

Everest Hi - Tech Roofing Sheets

Everest has 75 years of roofing experience, covering over 1 billion sq m of roofing. Everest Hi-Tech is a unique product manufactured in India using technology from Saint Gobain. It is a corrugated cement hi tech roofing sheet reinforced with a blend of strong factory-produced fibers including HIPP (High Impact Polypropylene). These imported fibers replace asbestos to give them high-impact resistance. Everest Hi Tech provides high sound insulation from rain and thermal insulation from heat, saving you huge costs of additional insulation.

Everest Hi-Tech meets all international norms of safety, environment and pollution control for building products. They can be used in all manufacturing and export oriented units, warehouses and modern factory sheds.

The Ultimate Choice

1. Non Asbestos

Everest Hi-Tech does not contain any asbestos and therefore conforms to international norms of multinational corporations and importers.

2. Low maintenance costs

Everest Hi-Tech has a high IMOR (work of fracture) i.e., energy absorbed in bending of sheet and impact resistance makes it more flexible, thus reducing damage during handling and exposure to dynamic loads.

3. Durability

Everest Hi-Tech does not corrode and is dimensionally stable (will not dent or deform). It is resistant to atmospheric (saline and acid rain environments) and chemical corrosion.

4. Economical

Everest Hi-Tech is significantly more economical than alternatives like colour coated metals, aluminum roofing, etc.

5. Weather Resistance

Everest Hi-Tech protects from weather elements i.e. sun (heat), rain and wind. Being cement-based, it gains strength with age and weathering.

6. Aesthetics

Everest Hi-Tech is available in different colours using a specially developed and tropicalized pure acrylic paint on the top surface which ensures no algae or fungal growth. Additionally it has excellent UV resistance thus ensuring uniformity and longevity of the colour i.e. long-term aesthetics. The roofing sheets are also available in natural stone grey without acrylic paint.

7. Protection and comfort

Everest Hi-Tech is a better alternative in comparison to other roofing products.

  • Sound insulation of 26 Decibels when tested in a critical frequency of 100-3150 Hz
  • Low thermal conductivity of 0.22 W/mK, thus reducing heat buildup.
  • Non combustible
  • Excellent condensation control
Everest Hi - Tech Roofing Sheets Examples

Dimensional & Technical Specifications

Parameters Tolerance -
Thickness (+free; -0.5 mm) 6mm
Overall Width (+10 mm; -5 mm) 1050 mm
Laid width (Half Corrugation Sidelap) (+10 mm; -5 mm) 1010 mm
Depth of Corrugation (+3mm; -5 mm) 48 mm
Pitch of Corrugation - 146 mm
Pitch of Corrugation - 146 mm
Weight Per Unit Area - 12.48 kg/sq.m
Standard Length (+5 mm; -10 mm) 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25,2.5, 2.75, 3.0 m
Weight of 100 sq.m as Laid
a) With 3 m sheets
b) with 1.5 m sheets
- -
Installation Specifications
Side Lap (min) 40 mm
End Lap (min) (for lower slopes use lap sealants or increase end laps) 150 mm
Actual Cover of 3 m sheet as laid (allowing for loss by side lap of 40 mm and end of lap 150 mm) 150 mm
Sheeting required of 100 sq.m as Laid
a) Using 3 m sheets with side and lap loss 109.38 sq.m
b) Using 1.5 m sheets with side and end lap loss 115.88 sq.m
Purlin Spacing for Roofing (max) 1400 mm
Runner Spacing for side Cladding 1700 mm
Maximum free over at Eaves 300 mm
Minimum slope of the Roof 100 (depending upon Weather conditions Side & end lap would Require to be Increased or sealed)
Advanced Features
Work of Fracture - IMOR 8000 - 10000 J/M2
Impact Resistance 10000 - 12000 J/M2

Details of side Lap Corrugated Sheet

side Lap Corrugated Sheet

Everest Hi-Tech roofing sheets are available in a range of colours. These pre-painted sheets require low maintenance and resist the impact of weather, sunshine, UV rays, algae and chemical corrosion. The selection of colours appropriate to a building and its ambience involves the careful consideration of a wide range of criteria. These include the building's form and function, its location and surroundings, and most importantly, the viewer’s perception of colour. The look of the building can be enhanced aesthetically by using dual colour combination such as Green and White or White and Red. Everest Hi-Tech sheets are coated with the top of the line imported pure water based exterior acrylic coating. This coating provides resistance to ultra violet rays and any fungal or algae attack. The acrylic paint also provides added protection against many acids, alkalis and solvents normally found in the atmosphere and above all, provide long lasting aesthetics to the roofing sheets.

Terracotta Red Sheet, Tropical Green Sheet, Natural Stone Grey Sheet, Lvory White Sheet, Persian Blue Sheet