Everest Solid Wall Panels

In today's fast paced world, time is of the essence. This is why Everest presents a revolutionary concept, Readymade Walls. Made using Everest Solid Wall Panels, these walls offer efficient construction with the promise of Strength, Speed and Safety. These walls are a revolutionary drywall solution, which maintains the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall

What is a drywell?

Introduced in the late 1910s in America, drywalls do away with the traditional plastering popular at that time. Drywalls comprise mainly of cellulose and gypsum plaster. A very small amount of paper, plasticizers, mica crystal and a chelating agent is also included. Drywall is essentially the modern alternative to hand-applied wall plaster.

Everest Readymade wall

The advantages of Everest readymade walls are:

  • Strength and Robustness- Severe duty panels
  • 4 times faster than brickwork, thereby saving you time & cost
  • One fourth the weight of brick work
  • Sound insulation of 40 dB
  • Fire Rating > 2 hours
  • Space - 3 to 5% additional

Everest readymade walls are sandwich panels made of fibre reinforced aerated cement concrete and Everest wall boards. Their unique tongue and groove jointing system facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization. Everest readymade walls epitomize on extremely speedy and elegant wall solution, which is compatible with a host of surface finishing choices like point, veneers, texture coating and wallpaper.

Areas of Application

  • Internal Walls- Residential/ Commercial/ Industrial
  • Pre-fabricated Shelter - Internal/ External Walls

Technical & Physical Specifications of Solid Wall Panels

Standard Dimensions

Property Unit Standard Value
Size mm - 3000x600.2700x600, 2400x600
Thickness mm - 50 & 75
Standard Weight Kg/m2 - 42.8 for 50 mm & 58.2 for 75 mm
Edge Profile - - Square, Beveled
Apparent Density Kg/m2 IS:2380 P.3:77 892
Tensile Strength (Perpendicular to Surface) N/mm2 IS:2380 P.4:77 0.35
Modulus of Rupture (MOR) MPa IS:2380 P.5:77 3.8
Screw Withdrawal Strength KN IS:2380 P.14:77 0.37
Thermal Conductivity K.cal/h.m0C ASTM C 177 0.12
Axial Compressive Strength kN/Meter IS:2380 P.8:77 420
Sound Transmission Class dB IS:9901 (Part 3) - 1981 40
Fire Rating Minutes BS 476 Part 20 & 22 134
Fire Resistance Properties Everest Solid Wall panels are non - combustible and quality for Early Fire Hazard Indices as per BS - 476 part 20 & 22
Moisture Resistance Properties Everest Solid Wall panels are moisture resistant and are tested as per IS 2380

Performance Requirement for Strength & Robustness: BS 5234 (2) : 1992

S. No. Test Conducted Test Details Observation
1 Small hard body impact - -
a Surface Damage Impact energy applied - 10Nm
Pendulum drop height - 0.33m
Angel of swing - 63.60
No surface damage occurred max. length of indentation - 0.6
b Perforation Impact energy applied - 30Nm
Pendulum drop height - 1.0m
Angel of swing - 131.80
No performance of facing observed Ma. Length of indentation - 3mm
2 Large Soft Body impact - -
a Surface Damage Impact energy applied - 100Nm
Pendulum drop height - 0.204m
Angel of swing - 500
b Structural Damage Impact energy applied - 120Nm
Pendulum drop height - 0.245m
No structural damage occurred

Solid Wall

Wall Thickness Wall Configuration Maximum Height Application Area
75 mm Solid Wall Panel: 75 mm
U Channel: 75mm
Up to 4.5 m High Performance Commercial and Official partitions
Section plan Everest Solid Wall Panel
Labour Quarters - External and Internal Wall

Labour Quarters - External and Internal Wall

Pre-fabricated Accommodation - External and Internal Wall

Pre-fabricated Accommodation - External and Internal Wall

Site Office - External and Internal Wall

Site Office - External and Internal Wall