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Fiberglass Roofing Sheet

Fibreglass is extensively used as roofing material in many industries and houses.
  Here are some of the benefits of using fibreglass roofs:
Fibreglass roofing sheets give plenty of natural light
Fibreglass roofing is decorative and enhances the beauty of the roof.

Fibreglass roofing sheets come in two varieties:
1. Designer Corrugated Sheets
2. Fibreglass Mesh Wire Roofing Sheets (for extra strength)

Mamata fibreglass roofing sheets are available in:
Standard Cement Sheets Corrugation
Galvanized Iron Sheet Corrugation
Aluminium Sheet Corrugation Various colours and designs
Mamata fibreglass sheets are backed by years of experience.
Sizes of fiberglass roofing sheets:
Length: 3m, 2.5 m, 2 m and custom made
Width: 0.800mm / 1000 mm
Thickness: 1mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and custom made
Colours of fibreglass roofing sheets:
Natural, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, and many other colours.
Fibreglass roofs are very easy to install, just like any other conventional sheet fixing.
Optical Properties:
Light transmission
Clear: 81.9%
Milky White: 35.9%
Blue Tinted: 52.2%
Natural: 56.0%
U.V. Transmission: Absorbing to a large degree
Infra-Red Range: Insulating to a large degree
Mechanical Properties:
Thickness: 1.1 mm
Tensile Strength: 1120 kg/cm2
Impact Resistance: 69 kg/cm2
Transverse Strength: 108 kg/ft2
(On a span of 24" load being applied at the quarter point of span)
Thermal Properties
Dimensional Stability: -10°C to 120°C
Thermal Expansion: 1.1 x 10.5°F
Water Absorption: 0.08% in 24 hrs. at 20°C
Chemical Resistant: Resists most of the gasoline oils, fumes, smokes, weak acids, alkalies and many other solvents.
 schematic of fibreglass roofing sheet frp roofing translucent sheets
Roofing F.R.P. Transluscent Sheet
Here are some of the populer varieties of Fibreglass roofing sheets
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5
M6 M7 M8    
FRP Wrinkle Sheets and Decorative Panels