TUFLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

TUFLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Product:TUFLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
Description: Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet with UV Coating and for diffused light

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets give extra strength to the polycarbonate sheets. They are manufactured by sandwiching vertical partitions of polycarbonate material between two layers of polycarbonate sheets. This increases their load bearing capacity, and provides better thermal insulation.

TUFLITE Polycarbonate Sheets with UV Coating

TUFLITE UV Protection TUFLITE multiwall sheets restrict the transmission of more than 99.9 % of harmful UV barrier protects the sheet from physical degradation and discoloration.

The sheets remain stable under extreme temperature conditions (-40 C to + 120 C)

Fire Performance

TUFLITE Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are suitable for use in areas prone to fire hazards; inherently the sheets are self extinguishing and do not aid flames spread. These sheets conform to most international standards on fire retardance. TUFLITE Multiwall polycarbonate sheets do not release toxic fumes and hence pose no hazard to human life in case of fire.

Wind Load

TUFLITE Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are suitable for use in high wind load areas.

Handling, Storage and Cleaning

  • Store sheets on a flat surface (with the longest length at the bottom).
  • Ensure polycarbonate sheets are not stored in direct sunlight.
  • When stored in a stack, sunlight may cause the sheet to heat up and distort. Masking film may be difficult to remove.
  • Ensure sheets are protected against atmospheric conditions.
  • Use timber bearers to support sheets.
  • Rinse sheet with lukewarm water. Wash with mild soap or detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. hose down thoroughly.
  • Dry the polycarbonate sheets with soft cloth to prevent water marks.
  • Do not allow moisture to enter the flutes.
  • Ensure the storage area where the multiwall sheets are stored is well ventilated.

Chemical Resistance

TUFLITE Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are affected by: benzene, petrol, ketones, acetone, phenols, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons and petroleum based paints, abrasive cleaners and solvents.

Standard Dimensions of the Sheets

Structure Thickness (mm) Weight/Sq.m Width (mm) Length (mm)
Twin Wall 4.5mm 1.1kg 1210-2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
- 6.0mm 1.3kg 1210-2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
- 8.0mm 1.5kg 1210-2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
- 10.0mm 1.7kg 1210-2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
Triple Wall 10.0 mm 2.0kg 1210 – 2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
- 16.0mm 2.7kg 1210 – 2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
6 Walled 16.0mm 2.8kg 2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
- 20.0mm 3.1kg 2100mm 5900 – 11800mm
Honey Comb 16.0mm 2.7kg 2100mm 11800mm

TUFLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Properties

Characteristics Value Measurement SC Ratio
Mechanical - - -
Yield Stress 66 Mpa ISO 527
Stress at Break 70 Mpa ISO 527
Yield Strain 6.2 % ISO 527
Strain at Break 120 % ISO 527
Tensile Modulus 2200 Mpa ISO 889
Impact strength 80 kJ/m2 ISO 7391
Izod Notched 90 kJ/m2 ISO 180
Hardness 110 N/mm2 ISO 180
Characteristics Value Measurement SC Ratio
Physical - - -
Density 1.2 g/m3 ISO 1183
Refraction Index 1.58 n ISO 489
Moisture Absorption 0.30 % ISO 62
Characteristics Value Measurement SC Ratio
Thermal - - -
Linear thermal expansion 0.65 10-4 / K ISO 11359
Thermal Conductivity 0.20 W (m-K) ISO 8320
VICAT Softening Point 146 C ISO 306
VICAT Softening Point 146 C ISO 306
HDT 137 C ISO 75
Service Temp -40 to + 120 C -

The Installation System Explained

TUFLITE Multiwall versatile polycarbonate glazing system is advanced in design yet simple to install. The sheets simply slot into an H-Bar ready for fixing to the structure. A two piece H-Bar is also available for increased flexibility. The glazing bar allows for thermal expansion and eliminates the need for penetration through the sheet; hence the structure is 100% water tight.

Accessories TUFLITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets


  • Aluminium Two Piece H-Bar
  • Standard Colours: Mill Finish
  • Standard Lengths: 3.66m

Edge U Sealing Profile Polycarbonate

  • Standard Colour: Clear, Bronze, Opal
  • Standard Length: 1210 mm and 2100 mm
  • Seals the edges of Multiwall sheet to avoid entry of water/dust

Joint H Profile Polycarbonate

  • Standard Colour : Clear, Bronze, Opal
  • Standard Length : 5800 mm and 11800 mm
  • To cover and join 2 Multiwall sheets from its edges

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