TUFLITE Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

TUFLITE Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonates are tough, amorphous and transparent thermoplastic polymer. Comprising of carbonate groups linked together, they offer unique engineering advantages. Polycarbonate sheets are almost as clear as glass and more than two hundred times stronger than it. But what makes polycarbonate roofing sheets stand out is indeed their transparency. Another advantage polycarbonates offer is that they are heat resistant and can be combined with flame retardant materials without significant material degradation. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are lightweight and therefore are easy on the columns for structural support.

Polycarbonate sheets expand to a greater per °C of temperature change than any metal. Therefore, it is a good practice to drill fixing holes slightly larger than the shank of the primary fastener. The fasteners should be centered in these holes, allowing the polycarbonate roofing sheets the freedom to expand or contract. In a country like India, where temperature changes can be extreme, this is extremely handy.

TUFLITE is a renowned manufacturer of polycarbonate roofing sheets in India. They are available in various profiles, and are available at Mamata Roofings.

Product: TUFLITE Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
Description: Corrugated Polycarbonate sheet with UV Coating
Profile: Asbestos / Tata Trimdeck / Ispat / Essar etc...

TUFLITE Corrugated Sheets

TUFLITE corrugated UV co-extruded profiled polycarbonate sheets have been engineered to suit industrial roof lighting and daylight cladding applications for a wide array of specific needs. These include industries, warehouses, commercial structures and also residences. Sunlight is abundantly available during the daytime and TUFLITE Sheets help you to conveniently harness this boundless resource resulting in reduction of energy costs and reducing the effects of industrialization on the environment. TUFLITE Corrugated UV Sheets provide excellent impact resistance, a very wide range of light transmission options and enhanced safety due to its excellent fire resistant(self extinguishing)properties.

The co-extruded UV protective layer ensures that the sheets have superior resistance to weathering and the mechanical & optical properties of the sheets remain intact for an extended period of time. In a nutshell, TUFLITE Corrugated UV sheets are 250 times stronger than glass, suitable for extreme weather conditions and can be deployed for use in hostile chemical environments. TUFLITE sheets are corrosion resistant and other offer near total protection from harmful Ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

TUFLITE Corrugated UV sheets are available in clear transparent, embossed and textured options. Typical applications for TUFITE Corrugated UV sheets include roofing and cladding daylight in industrial sheds, warehouses and public buildings, central atria in shopping malls, swimming pool roofs, greeenhouses, verandas, pergolas, patio covers, awnings, carports, gazebos, etc.

Properties of TUFLITE Corrugated Sheets:

Fire Retardant (Self Extinguishing)

TUFLITE Corrugated UV Sheets have an excellent flammability rating (UL94 V-2) are self extinguishing and suitable for use in areas prone to fire. These sheets do not release toxic gases and are comparatively much less flammable than GRP & Acrylic (PMMA) sheets.

Excellent Impact Resistance

TUFLITE Corrugated UV sheets possess exceptional impact resistance. These sheets are manufactured from high quality Bayer polycarbonate resin, which has 250 times the impact strength of glass and up to 40 times that of Acrylic (PMMA) sheets of similar thickness. TUFLITE Corrugated UV sheets are virtually unbreakable.

Handling with ease

Due to their relatively light weight and high impact strength, TUFLITE Corrugated UV sheets are convenient to store, handle and install. Conventional tools can be used to cut, trim or drill holes in the sheet.

Chemical Resistance

TUFLITE Corrugated UV sheets are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. They are generally unaffected by acids, alcohols, glycols, mineral oils, animal and vegetable fats, kerosene and non-abrasive cleaners. However they are affected by benzene, petrol, ketones, acetones, phenols chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum based plants, abrasive cleaners and solvents. For more information contact your distributor for a data sheet

Profile Range

Meta Colour Thickness (mm) Pitch (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Cover (mm) Weight (mm)
Embossed 1.6 186 32 1016 930 2.32
- 1.8 186 32 1016 930 2.61
- 2.0 186 32 1016 930 2.90

Light and Heat Transmission (Based on thickness of 1.0 mm)

Colour/Type Light Transmission Solar Transmission SC Ratio
Clear 90 % 86 % 0.98
Clear Embossed 80 % 83 % 0.85
Opal 50 % 46 % 0.48
Bronze 50 % 54 % 0.78
Grey 50 % 54 % 0.66
Metallic 35 % 32 % 0.48
Green 45 % 49 % 0.54

Typical Physical Properties

Property Standard Units Value
Density D-1505 g/cm3 1.2
Coef Linear Thermal Expansion D-696 10^-5 cm/cm C 6.5
Thermal Conductivity C-177 W/mK 0.21
Tensile Strength at Yield D-638 MPa 62
Tensile Strength at Break D-638 MPa 65
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity D-638 MPa 2300
Flexural Strength D-790 MPa 93
Flexural Modulus D-790 MPa 1900
Notched Impact Strength D-256 J/m 800
Heat Deflection Temp D-648 C 130

Easy Installation

TUFLITE corrugated sheets are very easy to install. Just follow the instructions below. Use genuine accessories to protect the sheets and increase their life.

  • Firmly place the sharp point of the self fastening fixing onto the crest of the corrugation to be fixed, to eliminate "skidding" or "wandering".
  • Commence drilling at 2000rpm to pierce the sheet. Screw engages in steel purling.
  • Cutter engages polycarbonate sheet, cuts the expansion hole and centers the screw.
  • Wait until the rubber weather seal engages and compresses against the roof sheet and under the fixing head, to stop.