Tuff Roof P.V.C. Tiles

Tuff Roof P.V.C. Tiles

Tuff roof P.V.C. tiles use latest technology to manufacture state of the art tiles that are long lasting. These roofing tiles have rich colours that do not fade easily.

They also have vibrant, beautiful colours that suit Indian architectural style. Since they are made of top quality P.V.C., they are light weight, durable and completely waterproof. Furthermore, they provide benefits like heat insulation, chemical resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection, electricity insulation and simplicity and convenience in installation. They therefore prove to be suitable for roofing for all types of Indian conditions.

Technical Data

Length 2.43 m / 3.06 m / 3.72 m
Width 1050 mm
Cover width 950 mm
Thickness 2.3 mm / 2.5 mm / 3.00 mm
Colour available red, orange, brown, green and light blue
Purline space 650 mm
Horizontal overlap 80 mm
Vertical Overlap 219 mm (1 wave)

Advantages of Using Tuff Roof P.V.C. Tiles

  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Impact and low temperature resistant
  • Anti corrosive
  • Maintenance free

Accessories and Installation


Accessories of Tuff Roof P.V.C. Tiles
Screw and Nut Bolt


Installation of Tuff Roof P.V.C. Tiles
After complete installation of Tuff Roof P.V.C. Tiles