Roof Turbo Ventilators

Roof Turbo Ventilators

The air inside building or shed becomes very hot and humid without proper ventilation, leading to unhygienic conditions, deterioration in quality of materials stored, lower productivity, restlessness and other undesired effects on workers.

Ventilation is crucial in removing harmful carbon dioxide gas and other unwanted fumes and replacing them with fresh air. Having fresh air in a closed building system is ideal for a good & efficient working environment.


  • Globally proven technology - can be Installed on all kinds of roofs
  • Zero running cost since it operates on wind without electricity
  • Wind driven ventilators work 24 x 7
  • Aluminium structure is durable & no maintenance required
  • Safe & hazard free from fire &short circuit / electrical shocks
  • Aerofoil Blades to deflect water and dust
  • Dynamically balanced for frictionless rotation at low wind velocity
  • Transparent base plates provide natural light during day time, thus reducing lighting load
  • Totally weatherproof
  • Available in 24" diameter size with PP base ring and SS cap
  • Increases productivity by promoting healthier and hygienic air environment through proper ventilation

Technical Specification

Material Stainless Steel
Vanes(Blade) 26 / 33
Thickness of Vanes(Blade) 0.30mm
Weight of Turbo 5.6 kg approx
Nos of Bearing 2 Nos
Bearing Type 6001ZZ / 620ZZ