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Roof Water System


These highly advanced systems are designed for efficient draining of roof water. Most useful in the constructions such as Sheds / warehouses, Mills / Factories, Hotels, Airports, Bus / Railway Stations, Village Houses, Bungalows, etc. where sloping roofs are provided.

Joint Bracket

To connect two lengths of roof water
Running Outlet
To provide an outlet for water anywhere along the length of roof water pipe line which is connected to the down line pipe.
90° Elbow (without outlet)
To change the direction of roof water pipe line through 90°, normally at the corners.
90° Elbow (with outlet)
To change the direction of roof water pipe line through 90°, and also provide an outlet for water which is connected with down line pipe.
Short Stop End
To close the end of the roof water pipe line and also provide an outlet for water, which is connected to the down line pipe.
Support Bracket
To support pipes and fittings wherever necessary and strengthen the roof water pipe line.
Top Bracket
To locate the support bracket and rafter bracket together and ensure proper connection between them.
Single socket Elbow
(75, 110 & 160 mm)

To join the roof water outlet with down line pipe
To ensure perfect fixing between pipe and fittings.
Pipe Clip (75, 110 & 160 mm)
To provide support and ensure proper fixing of down line pipe on the wall.
Roof Water Pipes
To collect the water from the roof and convey to the down line pipes. Available in 3 m length.
Down Line Pipe
(75, 110 & 160 mm)

To convey the water collected in roof water pipe line to ground level. Available in 3 mt length with one end socketed.
Rafter Brackets (Top / Side)
To support the complete roof water pipe line with rafters. Available for top and side supports.
Rubber Gasket
To provide leak proof joints.
Rubber Seals
To ensure leakproof joint of single socket elbow.
Advanced system design -
Ensures efficient discharge & collection of Roof water.

Weather resistant -
Can withstand aggressive environments.

Easy to install -
Saves costs.

Tested for.

Tensile strength -
To sustain heavy water load

Impact Strength -
To ensure resistance to external blows.

Vicat softening point -
To ensure stable dimensions.