TUFLITE Flat, Solid & Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets - PALSUN & SUNLITE

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Flat solid polycarbonate sheets are an excellent alternative to glass. Not only are they more clear than acrylic, they are multiple times tougher than glass. While their most important use is for skylights, they are also used at airports, plants, swimming pools and green houses.

PALSUN® Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

PALSUN Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

PALSUN® combines superior impact resistance and clarity, making it the material of choice for many demanding applications. It is virtually unbreakable, yet it is transparent as glass at less than half its weight.

PALSUN® can be cold bent and easily fabricated and formed, making it ideal for roofing, skylights, architectural roofing and glazing.

Clear, translucent and opaque PALSUN® sheets are also ideal as machine guards, sound barriers, anti-vandal and safety glazing. PALSUN® Diffuser and LB sheets are extensively used in light boxes.

Main Benefits

  • High impact resistance - virtually unbreakable
  • High clarity and light transmission
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Blocks harmful UV radiation
  • Good acoustical insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Versatile, formable, and machinable

Typical Applications

  • Transparent acoustic barriers
  • Sport venues
  • Skylights
  • Shopping centres
  • Covered walkways
  • Sun rooms and conservatories
  • Thermoformed, vacuum formed, bent and fabricated items



Transparent Clear, Solar Grey, Bronze, Red, Blue, Green
Translucent Yellow, Red, White Opal, White Diffuser, Solar Ice, Solar Olympic, Solar Control
Opaque Dark Green, Red Brick, Black, Dark Blue, Cream, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Off White


Roll Size Sheet Size Thickness
1.22 x 30.5 m
2.10 x 30.5 m
1250 x 2020 mm (49 x 81 in.)
1220 x 2440 mm (31 x 96 in.)
2050 x 3050 mm (81 x 120 in.)
1-12 mm / 0.059-0.472 in.


- Standard * Classification
BS 476/7
NFP 92501, 4
UL Classified
ASTM D-635
B, s1, d0
Class 1
V2 (File e221255)
PALSUN® FR UL 94 V0 (File e221255)

PALSUN® Product Range

Product Description
PALTUF™ General purpose (indoor use)
PALSUN® UV protected on one side
PALSUN® UV2 UV protection on both sides
PALSUN® FR* Fire retardant
PALSUN® Matte* Matte finish on one side
PALSUN® Solar Control* Metallic reflection
PALSUN® Breeze* Transparent reflection
PALSUN® LB* Outdoor light-box applications

Typical Physical Properties

Property (Method*) Conditions Units Value
Density (D-792) - g/cm3 1.2
Heat Deflection Temperature (D-648) Load: 1.82 MP °C 130
Service Temperature - Short Term - - °C -50 to +120
Service Temperature - Long Term - - °C -50 to +100
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (D-696) - mm/m °C 0.065
Thermal Conductivity (C-177) - W/m K 0.21
Tensile Strength at Yield (D-638) 10 mm/min. MPa 65
Tensile Strength at Break (D-638) 10 mm/min. MPa 60
Elongation at Yield (D-638) 10 mm/min. % 6
Elongation at Break (D-638) 10 mm/min. % >90
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity (D-638) 1 mm/min. MPa 2,300
Flexural Strength (D-790) 1.3 mm/min. MPa 100
Flexural Modulus (D-790) 1.3 mm/min. MPa 2,600
Impact Falling Weight (ISO 6603/1 E50) 3mm sheet J 158
Rockwell Hardness (D-785) - R Scale 125R
Light Transmission (D-1003) 3mm clear sheet % 90
Haze (D-1003) - % >0.5
Yellowness Index (D-313) - YI >1